Instrument Pilot Ground School

Start on demand.  Attend classes on your schedule.  Work online any time, from anywhere, on any device all while working with your instructor and other students.


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Private Pilot Ground School 365

Start on demand.  Attend classes on your schedule.  Work online any time, from anywhere, on any device all while working with your instructor and other students.

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Flight Review Ground School

Our online, self-paced course will cover all of the required elements of flight review ground training. But that’s just the beginning. We have carefully crafted the curriculum for this program to address other important training considerations. Click on the video to the left to learn how the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School can work for you.

Enrollment is now open!

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With great appreciation and to the memory of Christopher Lehmann

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Flight Instructor Ground School

The second greatest achievement you can make as a pilot is to become a flight instructor. It is second only to sharing your passion to fly, watching your student’s progress in their training, and learning about their successes in their aviation careers.

The WINGsReality EDU Flight Instructor Ground School is an essential addition to every pilot’s learning plan. Whether or not you want to become a flight instructor, this course will help you to understand the way the human mind works in the cockpit, and will make you a better and safer pilot. It will enhance your learning skills as a student in any learning endeavor, and is an excellent course for anyone who teaches anything whether it’s Sunday school, adult education, corporate training, or flight training.

Join us live in the classroom or online in our blended learning environment. Everyone learns at their own convenience, while our high academic standards ensure excellence in your learning outcome. Classroom and online space is limited! Enroll now to jump start your career as a certified flight instructor!


Flight Review Ground School

The WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School is your best resource to complete the ground training requirement of your flight review.

FAA regulations require a minimum of 1 hour of ground training and 1 hour of flight training to complete your flight review, but further require that you demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and flight skills. WINGsReality EDU delivers a dynamic and comprehensive training program that guarantees your success in the ground portion of your flight review for a fixed price of $29.95, which includes an endorsement for your logbook. This program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about aeronautical decision making, runway incursion avoidance, accident causal factors, and many other topics that are critical to flight safety.

Enjoy 60 days of unlimited access to the course materials, and the convenience to complete the online training on your own schedule. Your WINGsReality EDU flight review is going to be fun and motivating, and is sure to deliver renewed confidence in the cockpit. We are sure that you will come back every time you need a flight review!

Why choose WINGsReality EDU?

An aviation education experience like no other

WINGsReality EDU is recognized as the world’s leader in web-based and blended aviation training programs. Our innovative programs have changed the face of aviation training for pilots at all levels throughout the world. Our staff offers decades of experience and success in training pilots, as well as developing curricula for colleges and universities, state and federal governments, and large corporations. WINGsReality EDU is as much a technology company as we are an academic institution. Our IT and web development staff also offers decades of creative design and web development experience. The result for our students is the best live classroom and web-based learning experience available anywhere in the world.
WINGsReality EDU is an FAA Authorized Training Provider.

On Campus or In Your Home

WINGsReality EDU’s physical campus located in Orono Maine is conveniently located across the river from the University of Maine, and right off Interstate 95. Better yet, our campus is located right in your home or office, and is never closed! Both local and distance students share the same live classroom space together in real time. That’s right! You can join us live in the classroom and participate with the group from anywhere in the world. You can even take our classes on your schedule! All classes are delivered live on our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) and are saved as full length videos. Students can view them at their own convenience, in whole or in part to drive home or enhance their learning. Enjoy access to your learning 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world

Lifelong Learning or a Rewarding Career in Aviation

Whether your passion is to become a pilot or to soar to new heights in your career as a professional pilot, WINGsReality EDU will be there to train and support you. All pilots must be lifelong learners. All pilots can join WINGsReality EDU for FAA Airman Safety (WINGs) Seminars, self-paced eBook training, and advanced and continuing education courses. You can even complete the ground portion of your flight review in our Online Flight Review Ground School and receive a logbook endorsement for doing so. Certified Flight Instructor courses start in May of 2017. Every pilot should take this valuable ground training course to gain a new perspective on flying and learning. Enroll now to become a CFI or for an exciting new look at aviation

Working for you

Four things to keep in mind.
Work and family and school. Thats hard to do?

For decades, pilots have travelled to airports and flight schools to participate in training. This takes time and costs money. What makes us unique is that our courses are offered online in either self-paced or blended classes. Students can participate online in real time in the live classroom with a live instructor, or complete training on their own schedule. WINGsReality EDU courses are designed to work with the student’s busy lifestyle by maximizing their time and training dollars.

I want to become a UAS or drone pilot. What are my options?

Whether you want to fly unmanned aircraft for hobby or for business, you need training. 85% of the knowledge tested on the FAA’s Part 107 exam to earn a remote pilot certificate is related specifically to general aviation subject matter, not drones. At WINGsReality EDU, we have been teaching this for over a decade. Our track record for training students for success speaks for itself! Check out some of our video testimonials from our students and let them tell you about their learning experiences.

I can’t believe how much I learned and how comfortable I feel in the cockpit!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about learning before I got started. Because of the instructors and staff at WINGsReality EDU, it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. They have created their entire learning environment around making every student successful. They held me to a high academic standard, but made it very achievable. Hands down, it was the most supportive and fun learning experience of my life! They have really done this right!

How long will it take for me to earn my pilot’s license?

Ground schools typically take 14 weeks to complete. At six weeks in, we suggest students start their flight training at an airport where they live. It helps a lot to put your newly acquired knowledge to practical use in the airplane as you work through ground school classes. Although some students take more time, it is possible for you to earn your airman certificate within a month of finishing ground school. The first step is to get started in ground school now. You will work the rest of the process out as you go!