Carpooling/Ridesharing to New England Aviation Safety EXPO

For anyone from Maine who would like to attend New England Aviation Safety Expo in Nashua, New Hampshire, this is your place to organize carpooling or ride sharing. Please post here to either look for a ride (and obviously to share costs), or to offer a seat in your car to someone who would like a lift to Nashua. You can also offer a flight if you are flying down. The airport ID at Nashua is KASH. Just jump in and say who you are and what town you are starting from. So here are the basic event details. It is at Daniel Webster College on 12 April, 2014. It is an all day event. It runs from 8:00am to 5:00 pm. You should plan to arrive by about 7:30 am. Many more details in the post entitled New England Aviation Safety Expo. Check that out for complete info.

Article by Michael Lessard

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  1. OK… This is me getting this thing started! It’s real easy. Just leave a post here to let someone know that you need a ride to Expo, or to let them know that you are offering a lift to a fellow pilot. See how easy that was?

  2. tbasley March 12, 2014

    My wife and I are thinking of flying up to Expo from West Virginia and have never been to this event. I have heard of it but we have never attended. It sounds like you have gone before. Can you share with us or direct us to any info like hanger space, fuel, transportation if needed, good restaurants and suggestions for a hotel?

    Finally, is there anything we should not miss when we are there?

  3. Hello, and thanks for checking in. Now that you mention it, I have been there before. I think I have attended every year, other than possibly missing the very first year as I may not have known about it. There is plenty of tie down space on the airport, likely a hangar as well. You can contact Infinity Aviation Services on the field for more info. Their phone is 603-598-4526, website is They have fuel, services, and anything else that you might need while at ASH. There are numerous hotels in the within a few miles of the event. If you have a favorite hotel, it is very likely they have a property in the neighborhood. I normally stay at the Fireside Granite Inn. It is very convenient to ASH and they have a 99 Restaurant on site. As for other area attractions, there is the flagship Anheuser Busch brewery right up the road. I heard that there is an anti gravity chamber somewhere in the area, but I am not sure just where. There is also some spectacular scenery in the area if you just want to do some local flying.

    Hope to see you there. Please be sure to check out the expo website and sign up for your classes early. Please bring some friends!

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