About us

The world's leader in web-based and blended aviation training programs since 2009.


The WINGsReality family has long been a creator of innovative aviation training products for pilots at all levels. WINGsReality EDU was born of the WINGsReality online aviation reality show. Thousands of pilots all over the world have refreshed their aeronautical knowledge and learned valuable lessons in the WINGsReality online show.

With offices in Maine and Florida, WINGsReality EDU delivers high quality ground schools for pilots at all levels. Why are we different? When you take an online ground school with WINGsReality, you are actually in the classroom! Our live webinar-based ground schools put you face to face with a CFI. Through your computer, you can see the classroom and your live instructor, raise your hand and ask questions, and participate in a real classroom experience with both live students and other internet engaged students.