Q: What if my CFI refuses to accept the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School?

If there is ever any confusion on this, this will help to clear it up. It is not a consideration for your CFI to either accept or not accept the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School. You are the pilot, as well as the paying customer of the CFI. Just like every other time that you have hired a CFI, you are hiring the CFI to work with you on a specific task. Once you have completed the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School, you will hire a CFI to work with you on the “flight portion” of your flight review. You will have already completed the ground requirement, and you will have a signed logbook endorsement for that. The CFI who trains you through the flight portion is only providing the training and the endorsement for the flight portion.

Throughout the history of aviation, it has always been common practice to complete various parts of a ground or flight training program using multiple and different flight schools, flight instructors, training systems, curricula, etc. In fact, very few pilots ever complete a training program with a single instructor. In Part 141 training courses, the FAA actually requires alternate instructors to conduct “stage checks” to all students as a tool to ensure the quality of the training provided and to validate the learning outcome of the student. As such, the FARs do not require a flight review to be completed with a single CFI. The regs only tell us what we must complete, not how we must go about it. We can work on our flight reviews with different flight schools, with different CFIs, in different states, and at different times. We encourage your CFI to use our "ground portion" endorsement as a model for their "flight portion" endorsement. It is really quite simple, and not unlike the way CFIs have provided training in modules for decades. In fact, numerous CFIs send all of their flight review customers to us to complete the ground portion prior to flying with them.

All of that said, we also understand that some level of make and model specific training is imperative not only in flight reviews, but in all phases of flight training. This is true whether you are flying a C-172, a Cirrus, a Bonanza, a 737, or anything else. An analysis of make and model knowledge, skills, and currency is part of the Aeronautical Decision Making process that pilots should incorporate into every flight, be it a quick trip around the traffic pattern, or a long and challenging cross country operation. We talk about this concept at length in Module Four of our flight review ground school. In the flight portion of a flight review, it is fully expected that the CFI would make sure that any make and model specific training is adequately covered, and the pilot is evaluated and found competent in those knowledge and skill sets. Our program is designed to address the regulatory aspects of your flight review as well as to provide comprehensive training that pertains to the ongoing safety education of all pilots. It is very specific to providing training in the elements that continue to dominate the accident and incident statistics. Traditional flight reviews generally do not provide excellent training on runway incursion avoidance or aeronautical decision making, which incidentally is a causal factor in almost all accidents and incidents. Our objective is to improve safety for everyone by providing a great opportunity to learn and refresh on those topics. Feedback indicates that we have done an excellent job to that effort. We only hope that all CFIs who are providing the flight training portion of flight reviews are providing pilots with a learning experience that is of similar quality. We always welcome their calls and messages, and we are always willing to help them to make their programs better.

The FAA recognizes the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School, and further rewards pilots who participate in the program with four WINGs credits. We are very proud of the contribution that we bring to the table with the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School. It is globally agreed by participants that this program provides a better learning experience than traditional flight reviews do. We are confident that you too will enjoy your experience with us. Thank you for your questions.

Q: How do I integrate the flight training portion of my flight review with the WINGsReality EDU Flight Review Ground School to complete my overall fllight review?

The FARs require that in order to act as PIC, you must have completed a flight review (see 61.56) within the past 24 calendar months. There are no other schedule-based requirements dictating a specific time frame in which the review is conducted. There is certainly no expectation that the review is completed in a single training session. A traditional flight review may be conducted over a period of several days or weeks. In order to keep your logbook clean and simple, WINGsReality EDU recommends that you complete both the online ground school and your flight training within the same month. Both components must have occurred within the past 24 calendar month period described in 61.56.

Q: I have received my endorsement, what do I do next?

Show the endorsement to the CFI who provides the flight training for your flight review. Your CFI may use the ground portion endorsement as a model for the flight endorsement.

Q: Why do I need to create an account to take a course?

WINGsReality EDU utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver your course content. Most of our courses offer signed logbook endorsements, FAA WINGs Credits, or both upon completion. By creating the user account you can take as many free or paid courses as you wish, and receive the appropriate credit for the course as an enrolled student.

Q: Is setting up an account difficult to do?

Not at all! All you need to do is click on the “Create My Account Now!” button and follow the onscreen instructions. When you set up your new account, simply read the confirmation email sent to you and reply to the activation link in the message.

Q: What we do and why we do it?

Our mission is to provide the best aviation training experience possible, while making it fun, rewarding, and affordable. The underlying focus of everything we do is to maximize support of, and enable a strong and safe General Aviation community. While ground and flight training requires a serious commitment, we understand that our students live busy lives. In today’s busy world, WINGsReality EDU delivers the most flexible and convenient ways for you to earn your wings. Our mission is to provide courses that extend beyond the boundaries of “preparing you for the written exam”. Our courses are focused on preparing you to be a safe, knowledgeable and efficient pilot, while providing the convenience and time savings that you need.

Q: Do you have a support system I can contact should I need assistance?

Yes! We actually have the best support system that you will find anywhere on the internet. Most sites offer online support, but you will likely never hear back from them once you submit a support request. WINGsReality EDU will never leave you hanging. Our support system is highly interactive and is the best you will find anywhere. All you need to do is click on the “Support” tab from any page to open a Support Ticket and receive rapid assistance. If you prefer, you can call us for support.

Q: Is there any other way to keep up with what you are doing?

Yes, there are many ways to interact with us. You can join us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more news, photos, events, and other interesting stuff. Or, visit our News Room, Latest News from Michael, Latest News from Robert, or surf around the site for tons of interesting content. We are always doing something fun, attending aviation events, seminars, or other things that we share with you in these resources.