WINGsReality EDU Live Blended Flight Review Ground School
7 October 2016 - For immediate release

Contact: Michael Lessard, CAO WINGsReality LLC, 207-479-5409

WINGsReality EDU has added a blended learning environment to their highly popular online Flight Review Ground School. For several years, pilots throughout the world have enjoyed the benefits of completing the ground portion of their flight reviews from their own homes or offices by participating in the WINGsReality EDU self-paced online Flight Review Ground School. Pilot’s everywhere now have the choice to join WINGsReality EDU in the live classroom or via the internet in real time! One of the great benefits of joining in this blended learning environment is that all local and distance students participate together in a common space with a live and highly experienced instructor. Students may participate in the discussion, ask questions, and learn from a highly motivating and interactive program. WINGsReality EDU has carefully crafted the curricula for this course to provide high quality training on the topics that all pilots should learn about during the flight review, but are often not included. Five modules of training discuss a host of general aviation learning areas, as well as reviews of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and a simplified approach to airspace. Other specific subjects include runway safety and training on runway incursion avoidance, aeronautical decision making, risk management, and conclusions that set the student’s course for safe flying in the future. Brief quizzes keep the student aware of their learning outcome in the program.

The blended Flight Review Ground School will be webcast from the WINGsReality EDU campus in Orono Maine once per month. Students are welcome to attend live in the classroom or join the group via internet in real time. The course satisfies the ground portion of a flight review required by the Federal Aviation Regulations (61.56). Upon completion of the course, students receive a logbook endorsement for the ground portion of the flight review and four WINGs credits. This exciting opportunity saves time and money on flight review day. It enhances the learning outcome by allowing the student to learn in a supportive and non-intimidating environment. No more flight review fear factor! To complete the flight review, the pilot simply meets their CFI at their local airport to complete the flight portion of the review.

The inaugural presentation of the WINGsReality EDU blended Flight Review Ground School will take place on 15 October 2016. Continuing monthly dates will be posted on the website. Cost is $39.95

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