WINGsReality EDU Recreational/Model Drone Course Bundle
23 Mar 2016 - For immediate release

Contact: Michael Lessard, CAO WINGsReality LLC, 207-479-5409

As we all know, drones are in the news for a variety of reasons. Some of the stories are happy stories, while some are provocative and sensational. Unmanned aerial systems have achieved an explosive level of growth and popularity that is far greater than the world has seen in most other markets. These devices have thousands of different uses and bear the potential to ignite societal changes that we cannot even imagine today. WINGsReality EDU is the world leader in producing and delivering web-based aviation safety training programs, and has responded to this social epidemic with a catalog of training courses for both recreational and commercial unmanned aerial systems operators.

The base course is Recreational/Model Drone Flying. It is an interactive, web-based training course for recreational and model drone flyers. This fun and eye-opening program is useful to recreational UAS/drone flyers of all ages and experience levels. “We are fortunate to offer extensive experience in flying UAS, manned aircraft of all types, aviation consulting, and regulatory framework.” WINGsReality EDU is well known for producing high quality training programs for the aviation community. Using that vast experience, they teach this from a very unique and unbiased perspective that appeals to flyers of all types. Twelve modules teach about basic drone safety, fundamentals of operating safely in the aviation environment, model safety codes/federal aviation regulations/and how the hobbyist can cross the line, drone performance, weather and how it affects drone flights, weight and balance considerations, emergency procedures, solving the airspace mystery, airport operations and communications, and more. This self-paced, two-hour program will help everyone to be a better flyer, keep their equipment in one piece, and stay out of hot water! Includes a comprehensive resource library and other valuable learning tools.

To follow on the Recreational/Model Drone Flying course, WINGsReality EDU has released an interactive, web-based certification level course for recreational and model drone operators. This course takes the Recreational/Model Drone Flying course to a significantly elevated level. Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification is the course for operators who want to demonstrate the highest level of success in their learning outcome and achieve a standardized knowledge level in the safe operation of drones. In this course, students will prepare for a final exam by taking a series of practice exams in study mode. Through these practice exams they will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the various subject matter, and prepare to be successful on a challenging final exam to earn operator certification. The course includes an extensive library of resources and interactive exercises that prepares students for success on the Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification Exam.

Advantages to achieving operator certification are expanded and demonstrated knowledge base, increase overall safety in the manned and unmanned aviation community, mitigate potential for accidents/incidents and liabilities, improved insurability, increase potential for homeowner and drone insurance company incentives, inclusion in a community of certified drone operators, and more.

The two courses are also offered as a bundle for those operators who wish to complete the entire program, and save money. These programs are completely self-paced, so students may come and go at their convenience. They are also browser responsive and work well on any mobile device.

With decades of experience in aviation safety consulting, WINGsReality EDU fully understands the potential implications to aviation safety that comes with the integration of UAS into the National Airspace System. The company also maintains a philosophy that makes the highest quality aviation training affordable for all. “It is our objective to maximize safety for all users of the National Airspace System by providing unique training opportunities to unmanned aerial systems operators. These courses are priced so that all unmanned aerial systems flyers can benefit from them, and do their part to make aviation safe for everyone.”

Recreational/Model Drone Flying $29.95
Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification $49.95
Recreational/Model Drone Course Bundle $67.95

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