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Thank you for providing a venue to submit news that is both valuable and interesting to the aviation community.  Please review the attached press release announcing a new opportunity for pilots to complete the self-paced Certified Flight Instructor Ground School 365 online, in the comfort of their own homes.  This fun and interesting program is provided by WINGsReality EDU and offers flight instructor candidates a convenient and cost-effective way to earn their flight instructor wings!
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PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release

8 March 2018

Contact Michael Lessard
Co-founder and Chief Academic Officer
PO Box 1671
Ellsworth Maine 04605
WINGsReality EDU launches CFI Ground School 365.


WINGsReality EDU has released an innovative online, self-paced Certified Flight Instructor Ground School.  Students seeking flight instructor certification can now complete their ground training online from anywhere in the world, and on their own schedules.  This exciting and highly interactive course offers distance students an opportunity to view full length video presentations of a live classroom semester with a WINGsReality EDU instructor.  CFI Ground School 365 students start each online class by viewing the classroom session.  Following each class, students participate on the WINGsReality EDU Learning Management System (LMS) to complete homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, and even group projects.  Your virtual campus includes an extensive resource library, numerous videos, important flight training and CFI resources, opportunities to network with other students and alumni, and more.  The program is formatted as a ten-week course with one class each week, but students may take up to 120 days to complete.

“New CFIs typically spend a great deal of time developing training programs for their students.  At WINGsReality EDU, we have done this for you.  Upon completion of the CFI 365 course, you will have everything that you need to start training your own students right away!”  WINGsReality EDU provides an exhaustive list of materials to CFI students including a flight maneuvers manual with integrated Airman Certification Standards, student pre-solo written exams, and a vast collection of ground and flight training materials for use with your students.  CFI students have access to a private WINGsReality EDU social network just for new flight instructors.

“We very firmly believe that ground and flight training programs are the backbone of aviation safety, and excellent CFIs are the last line of defense in creating the pilots who make up the safest national airspace system in the world.”  Developing these flight instructors is a charge that WINGsReality EDU is humbled by and takes very seriously, as the CFI’s work will affect flight safety for decades to come.  The WINGsReality EDU Flight Instructor Ground School prepares CFIs for success in one of the most exciting and important careers in the world.  By joining WINGsReality EDU as a self-paced student, you will be part of a fun and exciting group of students who will form the next generation of critically important flight instructors.  Cost for tuition and books is only $399.95.  For more info, go to