WINGsReality EDU Live Web-based Private Pilot Ground School
11 August 2016 - For immediate release

Contact: Michael Lessard, CAO WINGsReality LLC, 207-479-5409

WINGsReality EDU is now bringing distance students into the live Private Pilot Ground School classroom via the internet.  That’s right!  Starting on 8 September, both online and local students can work together in the same classroom.  Over the past five years, WINGsReality EDU has developed and delivered the most advanced LMS (Learning Management System) based private pilot learning opportunity available in the aviation community.  Our students attend live weekly classes, and continue working throughout the week on homework assignments, weekly quizzes, stretch assignments, and mid-term exams in the WINGsReality EDU website.  Our students have opportunities to collaborate on projects, work on group assignments, and report results back to the class.  Our instructor, Michael Lessard (CFII/MEI) is an exciting and engaging instructor who shares decades of practical experience and insight.  Throughout the course, Michael uses scenario based examples to explain real world flying.  He continuously teaches about the aeronautical decision making process, and explains practical strategies to avoid getting into hazardous situations.

The Hangar Hangout is a social network built into the site so students and alumni can communicate, ask or answer questions, contribute interesting resources and helpful information, work through challenging academic aspects, or just chat amongst the group.  This is an amazing resource and adds tremendous value to the training experience.  We are seeing an amazing sense of camaraderie and belonging in our student groups.  There are many lasting friendships formed in each class, and students often return as alumni to support current students through the Hangar Hangout.

All WINGsReality EDU courses are LMS based, so students have access to admissions functions, gradebooks, transcripts, and all other aspects of a fully functional academic institution.  It is an enormously supportive environment.  Our students are completely blown away with their ground school experience.  As a result, they are highly motivated, successful, and well prepared to be safe, knowledgeable, and efficient pilots.

We very firmly believe that ground and flight training programs are the backbone of aviation safety, and excellent CFIs are the last line of defense in creating the pilots who make up the safest airspace system in the world.  This is a charge that we are humbled by and take very seriously.  At WINGsReality EDU it is our objective to build on this, one pilot at a time.  As such, the nature of this course is highly structured and students are held to strict academic responsibilities.  We definitely hold our students accountable for the magnitude of responsibility they take on as pilot in command of an aircraft.  This is a completely unique training program, and our students have the best and most powerful learning opportunity available anywhere.  We are really excited about expanding this program to include distance learning students from across the country and throughout the world.   The technology we are using allows the distance student to participate in the classroom live and in real time with cam and mic.  We will be grouping distance students together with local students to work on assignments, and to form a strong community of support amongst each other.

Students who should take this course are those who seek to become private pilots, and remote UAS or drone flyers at either recreational of professional levels.  When taking the FAA knowledge exam for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS rating, pilots will be exhaustively tested on subject matter that is typically only taught in aviation ground schools.  This course will provide comprehensive learning on those aspects of UAS flying.  We have always encouraged currently certificated pilots who have not been through ground school in the last ten years to come back for a refresher as well.  Each semester we have experienced pilots who join us, and they are always amazed at how valuable the experience is at bringing back forgotten knowledge and in learning about the many unnoticed changes that take place every year.  We always ask, “If you had to take the FAA Knowledge Exam right now would you be nervous, and how would you do?”

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