WINGsRealityEDU Launches Online Flight Review Ground School
12 April 2013 - For immediate release

Contact: Michael Lessard, CAO WINGsReality LLC, 207-479-5409

How would you like to be able to sit in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, and complete your Flight Review at your pace? Sound great? Of course it does! Thanks to WINGsRealityEDU, you can do just that! Or at least, the ground portion of your flight review program. WINGsRealityEDU has recently launched a new Online Flight Review Ground School. The program is quick, convenient, fun to complete, and even comes with a guaranteed logbook endorsement. According to WINGsRealityEDU Co-founder, Michael Lessard, “Our objective in the Online Flight Review Ground School is to improve the pilot’s flight review experience by providing comprehensive training on the subject matter that continues to dominate the accident and incident statistics. Delivering interesting and focused training on these topics is crucial to keeping pilots safe for the next two years”.

The program is delivered in five modules, and gives pilots a fresh look at the flight review process. It covers all of the requirements of FAR 61.56 for flight reviews, and helps pilots with an excellent update to recent changes in the regulations. Other modules provide the pilot a great learning opportunity in Runway Incursion Avoidance, Aeronautical Decision Making, and even provide a very simple and easy to understand lesson on Airspace and Airspace Rules.

The entire program is highly interactive and fully controlled by the pilot/student. You can go through each module at your own pace, spend as much time as you want on each page, and maximize your learning experience. Once enrolled, you will have a 60 day window to complete the program. Most pilots will complete the modules over a period of a few days or weeks. If you complete all five modules at once, the entire program takes about two hours. The Flight Review Ground School website is well crafted, intuitive, visually interesting, and does a great job of motivating students. The lessons are very engaging and personal, and once pilots are in, they have a hard time to put it down. It utilizes an interactive Table of Contents as a means to access the elements and vast resources included in the program. The program has a unique way of making you feel like your instructor is right there if you need them, and indeed they are. It is very easy to interact with the instructors and staff at WINGsRealityEDU while you are in the program. “The support is amazing, friendly, and professional”.

Feedback has shown that pilots definitely prefer to complete the Flight Review Ground School online, rather than in person with their CFI. Because they can work on it at home, unhurried, and without pressure, they are typically in a better position to learn. The WINGsRealityEDU online program also saves a lot of time and money at the airport on flight review day. “When I arrived at the airport, my ground training was already done! All I had to do was show the WINGsRealityEDU logbook endorsement to my CFI, and go flying.” For the flight training portion of your flight review, you will continue to use your own CFI at the airport of your choice. The flight training portion is not affiliated with WINGsRealityEDU. Flight review not due yet? This program is a highly valuable review for all pilots at any time, and a fun and motivating way for all pilots to stay on the top of their game in the cockpit. Pilots who complete the Online Flight Review Ground School also receive WINGs credits.

Your Flight Review Ground School, complete with a logbook endorsement costs only $29.95! That’s less than an hour of ground training with a CFI. You can get three flight reviews for less than the cost of a single $100 hamburger. An excellent value for all pilots! Best of all, the endorsement is guaranteed. It is impossible to fail the program. To learn more about the WINGsReality EDU Online Flight Review program, log onto Once there, click on Programs/Flight Review Ground School. There is a great video on this page that explains the program and how it can work for you. Once you have enjoyed your flight review with WINGsRealityEDU, you are sure to come back every time!