Blended Flight Review (BFR)

This months Blended Flight Review will take place on TBD January 2017 from 1830 – 2100 Eastern time.

Course ID: FRGS-B

Enrollment is now closed!

Location: WINGsReality EDU campus is located at 20 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine 04473


Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

If you want training that goes way beyond just preparing you to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam, you are in the right place! Michael is an exciting and engaging instructor who shares decades of practical experience and insight. Students will learn about Federal Aviation Regulations, airplanes and systems, flight controls and instruments, aerodynamics, flight maneuvers, airports, air traffic control, weather theory and services, airplane performance and navigation, flight planning, human and aeromedical factors, and much more.

Throughout the course, Michael uses scenario based examples to explain real world flying. He continuously teaches about the aeronautical decision making process, and explains practical strategies to avoid getting into hazardous situations. Upon successful completion of all course elements, students will be eligible to take the FAA Knowledge Exam and will be more than well prepared to pass with flying colors!

The Blended Flight Review is an interesting and interactive alternative to our popular self-paced Online Flight Review Ground School. It is presented in a live classroom environment with both on-campus and distance learning students (online) working together in a supportive learning environment. The WINGsReality EDU Blended Flight Review is your best resource to complete the ground training requirement of your flight review. FAA regulations (61.56) require a minimum of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training to complete your flight review, but further require that you demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and flight skills. The WINGsReality EDU Blended Flight Review delivers a dynamic and comprehensive training program that guarantees your success in the ground portion of your flight review for a fixed price of $39.95, which includes an endorsement for your logbook. This program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about aeronautical decision making, runway incursion avoidance, airspace, accident causal factors, and many other topics that are critical to flight safety. Enjoy ten days of unlimited access to the course materials and the convenience to study those outside of the class on your own schedule. Your WINGsReality EDU Blended Flight Review is going to be fun and motivating, and is sure to deliver renewed confidence in the cockpit. We are sure that you will come back every time you need a flight review.

Course Format:
NEW! Live classroom environment blended with on-campus and distance learning students (online) working together in a fun and supportive learning environment.

This course is delivered monthly. Please watch our website for upcoming course dates.

Cost for tuition and materials:

Course Contents:
Flight review live and/or recorded training presentation.
Comprehensive library of supporting materials, videos, and media.
Interactive progress evaluations.
Logbook endorsement for the ground portion of your flight review.


Upon Completion:
You will instantly be able to print your signed logbook endorsement for the ground portion of your flight review. All that is left is to present the endorsement to your CFI when completing the flight portion. To reinforce your learning outcome, you may come back and review the course materials for a full 10 days.

Free DEMO:
If you would like a sneak peak at what your Flight Review Ground School will look like, you can try it out here. It is a fun and interactive learning experience, and it certainly offers the simplest and most convenient way for you to complete the ground portion of your flight review.
Go ahead and take a look!


As you are aware, the knowledge that we must maintain to be safe and efficient pilots is comprehensive, to say the least. When conducting a flight review, we can usually determine our student’s strengths and weaknesses in their flying skills. However, with limited time available it is certainly a challenge to determine where the deficiencies are in their knowledge areas. The WINGsReality EDU Blended Flight Review covers all of the subject matter that is required under the FARs. Additionally, it provides comprehensive training on the “big ticket” causal factors that continually dominate the accident statistics. These include ADM, runway incursions, airspace, cockpit resource use, and many other important topics. You can feel confident that by completing the WINGsReality EDU Blended Flight Review, your flight review students have exceeded the ground training requirements, and have received comprehensive ground training on the subject matter that is critical to flight safety. They are well-prepared with knowledge that will keep them safe for the next two years!

Our endorsement is approved for the ground portion of the flight review. For your convenience, you can use the endorsement as a model for the flight portion by simply changing the words “ground portion” to “flight portion”. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.