Commercial Pilot Ground School 365

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Instructor: Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI/RP, FAA Safety Team Lead Representative

Course Description:
Congratulations on your successes as a pilot and for your decision to earn a commercial pilot certificate.  By now you have logged a significant number of hours as pilot in command and have gained some great experience.  You have likely earned your instrument rating, and possibly a multiengine aircraft rating.  In your journey to earn your commercial pilot certificate you will be rewarded in many ways.  Whether or not you choose to fly as a commercial pilot, the knowledge and experience that you will gain will give you even more confidence in and out of the flight deck and give you a whole new perspective on flying.  Your flying skills will be increased to a much higher level and your new certificate will open doors in aviation for you that you never imagined before.  Flight time and experience will be gained easier as you will now be able to be paid to fly as a professional.  In recognition of your credentials as a pilot it is likely that your insurance rates will be lower.  Your commercial training will pay for itself!

In this course, you will learn about advanced aircraft systems; advanced aerodynamics, performance, and weight and balance principles; emergency procedures; and commercial pilot maneuvers.  Throughout the course, Mr. Lessard uses scenario-based examples to explain real world flying.  He continuously teaches about the aeronautical decision making process and explains practical strategies to avoid getting into hazardous situations.  Upon successful completion of all course elements and instructor recommendations, students will be eligible to take the FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane Knowledge Exam and will be more than well prepared to pass with flying colors!  Welcome to the world of professional flying!

Who should take this course?
This is an exciting and highly motivating course that delivers comprehensive training to prepare you to be a safe, knowledgeable, and efficient commercial pilot.  This class will be fun and interesting to anyone who seeks a commercial pilot certificate, or to those who just want to learn about advanced flying techniques and procedures, and advanced aircraft systems.  Even if you are not considering a commercial pilot certificate, participating in this course is extremely beneficial to you as a pilot.  You will gain a vastly elevated understanding of your aircraft’s performance, aerodynamics, aircraft systems weight and balance, and more.  You will experience enhanced confidence and will be more effective as a pilot.

Course Format:
Video presentation of our latest live classroom semester with both on-campus and distance learning students working together in a challenging and supportive learning community. All students work very closely in our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to work on homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, and group projects. Your virtual campus includes an extensive resource library, numerous videos, flight training resources, opportunities to network with other students and alumni, and more. Students have many opportunities to ask questions and receive excellent support throughout the program. Interact with your instructor, utilize The Hangar Hangout (your private social network to interact with other students), visit your comprehensive aviation resource library, or use the many other resources available. You are not alone! This is the most powerful commercial pilot ground school opportunity available in the world.

FAA Pilot Proficiency Program (WINGs) ALC-607
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 1
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
2 Credits for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
.5 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2


Cost for Tuition and Materials:
Tuition $199.95
eBook and full course resources $259.95
Course Total $459.90

In addition to tuition and materials, students will need to purchase additional materials (approximately $100.00)


Course Contents:

  • Commercial Pilot Ground School Syllabus
  • WINGsReality EDU Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (eBook PDF)
  • WINGsReality EDU Airplane Flying Handbook (eBook PDF)
  • WINGsReality EDU Airplane Flight Maneuvers course with integrated ACS
  • FARs
  • AIM
  • Pilot/Controller Glossary
  • NTSB Regulations
  • TSA Regulations
  • Digital Chart Supplements (d-CS)
  • WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 Learning Management System
  • WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library
  • Hangar Hangout (your private social network for students and alumni)
  • Gradebooks, transcripts, course completion status reports, student dashboard with course overview by timeline and course views, interactive community calendar of events, etc.

The  Commercial Pilot Ground School Kit:
This collection of digital books, materials, and products is for use by students in the WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 course.  The digital kit contains the following publications:  Federal Aviation Regulations, NTSB regulations, TSA regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual, Pilot/Controller Glossary, and the Digital Chart Supplement.  Because these materials are updated frequently, WINGsReality EDU provides them in continuously updated versions.  As a WINGsReality EDU student your materials will always be current.

WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School Learning Management System:
The WINGsReality EDU Learning Management System is a powerful tool for students to use as they complete their coursework.  It is your go to place for all course resources from classroom presentations, assignments, weekly quizzes, book kits, videos, student gradebook, and more.

WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library is a dynamic resource for students, offering reference materials, numerous videos, ground and flight training resources, downloads, flight deck tools, digital products, aviation safety resources, aviation links, and more.

Your library is organized by categories for easy research in aviation topics such as Discovering Aviation, Airman Testing, Airport Operations, Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), Human Factors, Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), National Airspace System, Weather, Spatial Disorientation, Situational Awareness, Risk Management, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Aircrew Survival, Upset Prevention and Recovery, Owner Maintenance, and more.

Commercial Pilot Ground School section of the Library:
This section of the library is filled with resources, links, and downloads such as ACS, Advisory Circulars, forms, logs, checklists, and more directly pertaining to your course.  Many of these resources are available only to students who are enrolled in the Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 course.

Hangar Hangout (Student Social Network):
The Hangar Hangout is an excellent learning resource for WINGsReality EDU students. It is the main place for general aviation discussions for all students, instructors, and alumnus. Here you can ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, and meet others in the WINGsReality EDU community.

Thursday Mentoring Sessions:
Join your fellow students from various WINGsReality EDU programs live online each week to chat with your instructor, ask questions, share thoughts and experiences, and help other students in their journey to success.  Can’t make the Thursday session?  No problem.  All video from the mentoring sessions are saved so our students have access to this valuable information any time they want.

Gradebook and reports:
Keep track of your successes! All WINGsReality EDU students have access to their grade books and progress reports at all times.  Your grades help you to keep track of your progress, scores, and attendance records.

Certificate of Achievement:
The WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have completed all tasks, assignments, and exams in a timely manner, and have achieved passing grades.  The WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School course is a very challenging course.

This academic program is representative of the magnitude of responsibility it takes to perform as a commercial pilot. This program is a breakthrough in aviation training and produces the most knowledgeable, competent, and safe pilots of any training program available.  Earning this Certificate of Completion is a significant accomplishment and an award that you can be very proud of.

Important Information! Please read and understand before you enroll!


Attendance and Completion Requirements (Please read and understand):
Students attend the WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 for many different reasons.  Although most are here to become certificated pilots, many are here to expand their knowledge of aviation and to enjoy a really cool learning experience.  That is why we created two separate learning tracks in this course.  The “A Track” is the Airman Track.  These students are working towards FAA airman certification (i.e., commercial pilot).  The “E Track” students are just here to learn, have fun, and broaden their horizons.  You can read more about these once enrolled, but to help you make decisions now, it is critical that you understand the requirements of this course when taken for FAA airman certification (commercial pilot).

A-Track Students – Acting as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft professionally is obviously one of the most enormous responsibilities you will ever take on in your life.  Training and preparing our students for this is a charge that we take seriously, and our students are held accountable to a high academic standard.  The WINGsReality EDU Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 is a challenging course that will require a high degree of motivation to be successful at.   We have always told our students that a person of average intelligence can easily earn a commercial pilot certificate, but a person of average motivation is really going to struggle to be successful.  You will all find this to be true.  That said, if you are enrolled in the “A Track” the requirements are you must attend all classes, complete all homework assignments, class quizzes, and other tasks in full, and achieve passing grades.  You must also possess and use all books and materials as required by the list below.  Studying with outdated or missing material is not acceptable.  Students not completing the course to A Track standards default to E Track and will not be eligible for FAA required logbook endorsements.


Course Completion Deadline:
Students must complete all elements of this course within six months of their course start date.  The preferred format is for students to plan on attending one class per week to finish the course in 4 weeks.  Students may not complete this course in less than 4 weeks.  We enforce a 7 day study period for each of the 4 classes to ensure an acceptable learning outcome.


Books and Materials Descriptions and Instructions:
Part of your Commercial Pilot Ground School 365 kit will be supplied in your course.  There are some physical items that students will need to purchase in order to complete the course.  

Students must order the following books and materials.  All books and materials must be in the current revisions as indicted below.  Outdated books and materials are not suitable for pilot training and will not be accepted for credit in this class.  Students may elect to use printed or eBook versions of Item #1 as described below:

Item #1 – Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial Pilot Textbook (printed book), Part number 10001784-005, Version 005, ISBN# 978-0-88487-130-9.  List price $86.96


Item #1 – Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial Pilot (eTextbook), Part number 10277281-002, Version 002, ISBN# 978-0-88487-645-8.  List price $74.98

  • Please note that students overwhelmingly prefer the printed book over the eBook for use in this course.  We highly recommend the printed book.


Item #2 – Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Guide (printed book), Part number 10001389-016, Version 016, ISBN# 0-88487-419-2.  List price $22.96

Where to buy
Items above (Jeppesen items) are available from most of the online pilot supply stores.  You can find them by searching for pilot supplies on the internet.  The eBooks are available at  We do not advise purchasing printed versions at as they are normally on back order and will cause delays in your learning. 

Purchase and/or return arrangements for books and materials provided by outside suppliers is between the student and the supplier.


Tuition, books, and materials return policy:
Should a student decide to drop out of the course, tuition only is refundable within 14 days of enrollment, subject to a cancellation fee of $19.95.  Books and materials supplied by WINGsReality EDU are in digital format and are not refundable for any reason.  


Returning Alumni Students Policy:
Current and fresh, back to basics knowledge and skills are a pinnacle component of aviation safety.  We encourage all of our alumni to return for a refresher anytime.  Returning alumni students may attend classes remotely as desired for a system fee of $49.95 (tuition only, books and materials not included) per semester.  The attendance by alumni students is offered on a space available basis.  Please check with Admissions to find out if space is available for the classes that you want to attend.  Returning alumni students must enroll and abide by all WINGsReality EDU terms and conditions.


Yes, I am ready to start my adventures in becoming a commercial pilot! 

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