(CFI) Flight Instructor Ground School

Flight Instructor Ground School starts on TBA 2018

This class takes place on Thursday evening from 18:30 - 21:00 for 10 weeks.

Enrollment is now closed!

The WINGsReality EDU campus is located at 20 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine, or live online from anywhere in the world.

Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

Course Description:
We very firmly believe that ground and flight training programs are the backbone of aviation safety, and excellent CFIs are the last line of defense in creating the pilots who make up the safest national airspace system in the world.  Developing these flight instructors is a charge that we are humbled by and take very seriously.  The WINGsReality EDU Flight Instructor Ground School will prepare you for success in one of the most exciting and important careers in the world.  This course is highly interactive with students sharing ideas and working as a community on group projects.  Whether you join us in the classroom or as a distance student online, you will be part of a fun and exciting group of students who will form the next generation of critically important flight instructors.  Your work in this field will affect flight safety for decades to come.

Course Format:
Live classroom environment with both on-campus and distance learning students working together in a challenging and supportive learning community.  All students work very closely in our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to complete homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, and group projects.  Your virtual campus includes an extensive resource library, numerous videos, flight training and CFI resources, opportunities to network with other students and alumni, and more.

Cost for Tuition and Materials:
Tuition $120.00
eBook Kit $149.95

Course Contents:
Flight Instructor Ground School Syllabus
WINGsReality EDU Aviation Instructors Handbook (eBook),

WINGsReality EDU Integrated Private Pilot, Airplane Flight Maneuvers course/manual with ACS, FARs, AIM, Private Pilot and Remote Pilot Airman Certification Standards, Flight Instructor SE Airplane Practical Test Standards, digital Chart Supplements (d-CS).

WINGsReality EDU CFI Ground School Learning Management System

WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library

Flight Instructor's Lounge (A social network for private use by our CFI students and CFI’s.)

Hangar Hangout (Student Social Network)

Student Pilot Pre-Solo Written Exam

Gradebooks, transcripts, interactive community calendar of events, etc.


WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library is a dynamic resource for students, offering reference materials, numerous videos, ground and flight training resources, downloads, cockpit tools, digital products, aviation safety resources, aviation links, and more.

Hangar Hangout:
The Hangar Hangout is your social network to chat with other students about all things aviation.  You can ask questions, answer questions, collaborate on ideas, share thoughts and insights, stories and experiences, and announce your milestones in your training process.  This is a highly active community where everyone is really nice and amazingly supportive of each other!  You will even find alumni in there who are always excited to help current students along and offer ideas.  The Hangar Hangout is a really cool resource for all students.

Certificate of Achievement:
The WINGsReality EDU Flight Instructor Ground School Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have completed all tasks, assignments, and exams in a timely manner, and have achieved passing grades.  We will warn you that the WINGsReality EDU Flight Instructor Ground School course is a very challenging course.  This academic program is representative of the magnitude of responsibility it takes to perform as a Certified Flight Instructor. This program is a breakthrough in aviation training and produces the most knowledgeable, competent, and safe pilots of any training program available.  Earning this Certificate of Completion is a significant accomplishment and an award that you can be very proud of.

Student Testimonial

William Stockwell