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Flight Review Ground School

Soren Hansen

Course Evaluations

I learned a great deal and believe the flight review will help me to be a better and safer pilot. Thank you.

Lewis C


Larry D

Great program, very professional, comprehensive and invaluable for low-timer, VFR types.

Stephen L

I am certain more was covered with this course than could be done an hour with a CFI.

David J

I really like the concept of ground school online.

Cal H

I am a 15 year DPE. It is refreshing to see a new approach to the flight review. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing a flight review in the future. Thanks.

John S

I plan to have ground with my CFI as well, I like that on line courses covered safety and human factors.


I found the course exceptional and made me want to start flying again. There were no areas left uncovered. Wicked good job! Better than any FAA sponsored program. It talked to you and not down at you. Very matter of fact and enjoyable.

Robert A

I just want to let you know that you have done an AMAZING job with this program.

Soren H

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