Free Seminar Series


Your free seminar series is designed to provide valuable airman safety seminars on important aviation topics. These programs contain FAA videos followed by short quizzes to reinforce the learning process. They are delivered in HTML5 environments for mobile devices. These seminars are completely free and are located in the WINGsReality EDU Learning Management System (LMS). If you do not yet have a user with us, simply click on the “Free Seminar Series” button below. There you will create a user account, confirm by email, and enjoy all of your seminars anytime and anywhere!

Additional seminars being designed are:
Fatigue in Aviation to Grounded
NTSB Making the Right Decisions
NTSB Weather Wise
FAA Be Aware Have a Positive Flight Attitude
Tips on Mountain Flying
Check back soon to see the additional seminar releases.

Fuel Awareness, That Indispensable Liquid narrated by Jeff Baker. This review on safe operations and a discussion in proper fueling, leaning, and fuel consumption and calculations.

Course Format:
Online presentation with embedded video.