Private Pilot Ground School

Your Fall Private Pilot Ground School starts on 30 January 2020.  Classes are from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm ET for 14 weeks.

Foreign students are welcome.

Enrollment is now open!

The WINGsReality EDU campus is located at 20 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine, or live online from anywhere in the world.


Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

This is a very exciting, fast-paced, and highly motivating course that delivers comprehensive training to prepare you to be a safe, knowledgeable, and efficient pilot.  This class will be fun and interesting to anyone who seeks a private pilot’s license, or to those who just want to learn about airplanes and aviation.  If you are flying unmanned aerial systems (drones) and you are working towards FAA Remote Pilot Certification, this course is extremely beneficial and is highly recommended!

If you want training that goes way beyond just preparing you to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam, you are in the right place!  Michael is an exciting and engaging instructor who shares decades of practical experience and insight.  Students will learn about Federal Aviation Regulations, airplanes and systems, flight controls and instruments, aerodynamics, flight maneuvers, airports, air traffic control, weather theory and services, airplane performance and navigation, flight planning, human and aeromedical factors, and much more.

Throughout the course, Michael uses scenario based examples to explain real world flying.  He continuously teaches about the aeronautical decision making process, and explains practical strategies to avoid getting into hazardous situations.  Upon successful completion of all course elements, students will be eligible to take the FAA Knowledge Exam and will be more than well prepared to pass with flying colors!


For unmanned aerial systems (UAS) students – The FAA knowledge Exam for Remote Pilot Certification is a highly comprehensive exam.  Candidates are tested on knowledge areas and subject matter that is highly aviation specific, very technical, and is typically only taught in aviation ground schools.  If you are working towards your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, this course will provide the knowledge that is needed to be successful on most of the tested subject matter. We have adapted our Private Pilot Ground School to train unmanned aircraft students right along side of our manned aircraft students, as both types of flying are integral to the National Airspace System.  It is essential that both types of pilots understand the operations of all aircraft.

Still not sure you need this class to pass your FAA exam to get your Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS Rating?


Ground School Video Example 1


Ground School Video Example 2


Course Format:
Live classroom environment with both on-campus and distance learning students working together in a challenging and supportive learning community.  All students work very closely in our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to work on homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, and group projects.  Your virtual campus includes an extensive resource library, numerous videos, flight training resources, opportunities to network with other students and alumni, and more.  This is the most powerful ground school opportunity available in the world.

Cost for Tuition and Materials:
Tuition $149.95
WINGsReality EDU eBook Kit $129.95

In addition to tuition and materials, students will need to purchase additional materials (approximately $160.00).

Course Contents:
eBook and resources – (GFD eTextbook), Flight Maneuvers Manual, FARs, AIM, ACS, digital Chart Supplement (d-CS).
Physical books and resources – GFD Textbook, Knowledge Exam Guide, E6B Flight computer, PJ-1 Plotter, Montreal Sectional (SMON),
WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School Learning Management System
WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Resource Library
Hangar Hangout
Gradebooks, transcripts, attendance records, community calendar of events, etc.


Student Testimonial Spotlight


The admissions process at WINGsReality EDU is very simple and free of charge.  Follow the graphics below to quickly guide you through your student account set up. In a matter of minutes, you will be enrolling in your classes and will be ready to start learning!

If you have any questions, our world-class support team is only a click away.  Through online support or live chat, we will get you into your classes and in the books in a jiffy!


Step 1

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Step 3

Fill in all new account fields then enter the CAPTCHA image security question. Next, review and agree to the site policy by checking the box. Now click on Create my new account button.


Please make sure to use your correct, legal first and last name when filling out this Admissions Form. When applying for an FAA Airman Certificate, you will be required to demonstrate that you have successfully completed a private pilot ground training program. The ID information that you place on this form is the ID that will be given credit upon successful completion of the WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School.




Step 4

Now go to your email account used in creating your new account and retrieve the email just sent to you.


Step 5

Click on the link in your email message to confirm your new account.



How to enroll

Enrolling as a WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School student is easy as 1. 2. 3.  But more importantly you are beginning an aviation adventure that will last a life time, and here is what you need to do.

Complete the above admissions process then choose your enrollment type.

Next LOGIN to the learning management system (LMS) and select the Private Pilot Ground School course in the list of courses and pay the enrollment fee.

Then start your Private Pilot Ground School course course.

Early enrollment

Classroom and online space is limited. Please enroll now to secure your spot! Advantages of enrolling now include:

  • Securing your place in this high-demand learning opportunity.
  • Take advantage of the Library resources.
  • Participate in the Hangar Hangout.
  • Receive early news and updates about the course.

Distance student enrollment – Space is limited

Distance students (online students) are students who live more than 50 miles from the WINGsReality EDU campus in Orono Maine. Distance students typically attend classes online. Please see below for more information about local and distance students.

1. Minimum internet bandwidth requirements:

For viewers (students), we recommend users have (at least) 0.5 Mbits/sec – which is 500 Kbits/sec – upstream bandwidth, and (at least) 1 Mbits/sec download bandwidth.

2. PC or any other wired computer, a USB microphone and or headset:

Viewers (students), may have very good experience with wireless internet. If others hear their audio as broken or choppy, that user can either move closer to the wireless base station, try a different wireless network, or (best) connect directly to a wired connection.  Using public WiFi is not always best.  It may be OK for surfing the web, but the latency and packet loss might be insufficient for real-time transmission of audio or video.

3. USB HD webcam for your PC.

Important Information! Please read and understand before you enroll!

Early Enrollment

Classroom and online space is limited.  Please enroll now to secure your spot.  Advantages of enrolling now include securing your place in this high-demand learning opportunity, take advantage of the Library resources, Hangar Hangout, and receive early news and updates about the course.

Returning Alumni Students Policy

Current and fresh, back to basics knowledge and skills are a pinnacle component of aviation safety.  We encourage all of our alumni students to return for a refresher anytime.  Returning alumni students may attend classes remotely as desired for a system fee of $49.95 (tuition only, books and materials not included) per semester.  Local alumni students may attend classes in person as desired at no additional charge.  The attendance by both remote and local returning alumni students is offered on a space available basis.  Please check with Admissions to find out if space is available for the classes that you want to attend.  Returning alumni students must enroll and abide by all WINGsReality EDU terms and conditions.

Local and Distance Students

Local students are students who attend the live classes on the WINGsReality EDU campus.  Students who reside within 50 miles of Orono Maine are expected to be local students.

Distance students are students who live more than 50 miles from Orono Maine and typically attend classes via the internet.  Distance students attend the classes live and in real time and participate with local students as if they were in the classroom itself.  Classes are broadcast live via the WINGsReality EDU web-classroom platform.  Distance students can view in-classroom cameras, ask questions, participate in discussions, and watch presentations in real time.  Classes are held each Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:00 PM Eastern time for 14 weeks.  In the event that distance students cannot attend the live class, they may view the class in archive later in the day or week.

Attendance and Completion Requirements (Please read and understand)

Students attend the WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School for many different reasons.  Although most are here to become certificated pilots, many are here just to learn about airplanes and aviation and to enjoy a really cool learning experience.  That is why we created two separate learning tracks in this course.  The “A Track” is the Airman Track.  These students are working towards FAA airman certification.  The “E Track” students are just here to learn, have fun, and broaden their horizons.  You can read more about these once enrolled, but to help you make decisions now, it is critical that you understand the requirements of this course when taken for FAA airman certification (pilot’s license).

A-Track Students – Acting as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft is obviously one of the most enormous responsibilities you will ever take on in your life.  Training and preparing our students for this is a charge that we take very seriously and our students are held accountable to a very high academic standard!  The WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School is a challenging course that will require a high degree of motivation to be successful at.   We have always told our students that a person of average intelligence can easily earn a pilot’s license, but a person of average motivation is really going to struggle to be successful.  You will all find this to be true.  That said, if you are enrolled in the “A Track” the requirements are you must attend all classes, complete all homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exam, and other tasks in full, and achieve passing grades.  You must also possess and use all of the books and materials as required by the list below.  Studying with outdated or missing material is not acceptable.  Classes are held each Thursday evening from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern time for 14 weeks.  All weekly assignments and quizzes are due in full by 6:30 PM the following Thursday.  All assignments and quizzes are completed online and will be shut off at that time.  In the event that distance students cannot attend the live class, they may view the class online in archive later in the day or week. In the event of an emergency, the assignments may be turned back on for a student to complete on an individual basis for a fee.  Students not completing the course to A Track standards will default to E Track and will not be eligible for FAA required logbook endorsements.

Books and Materials Descriptions and Instructions

Part of your Private Pilot Ground school kit will be supplied in your course.  There are some physical items that students will need to purchase in order to complete the course.

A-Track (see A Track and E Track above) distance students must order the following books and materials, and must provide evidence of purchase to WINGsReality EDU prior to Class start date. In order to qualify for credit in this course, you MUST provide evidence that you possess these books and materials.  All books and materials must be in the current revisions as indicted below.  Outdated books and materials are not suitable for pilot training and will not be accepted for credit in this class.  Students may elect to use a hard copy textbook or the eBook version of the textbook as described below:

Item #1 - Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot Textbook (printed book), Part number 10001360, Version 006, ISBN# 978-0-88487-660-1.  List price $86.96


Item #1 - Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot eTextbook, Part number 10277280, Version 002, ISBN# 978-0-88487-644-1.  List price $79.98

Item #2 - Jeppesen Private Pilot FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide, Part number 10001387, Version 023, ISBN# 978-0-88487-059-3.  List price $18.48

Item #3 - ASA Flight Computer (E6B), Part number ASA-E6BCOLOR, List price $34.95.  Note:  The ASA-E6BCOLOR Flight Computer is the only E6B flight computer that is authorized for use in this class as it is the model that we will provide instruction on.  Students who already own an E6B may use it as long as they do not require instruction on its use.  Although most E6Bs are similar, there are some unusual models.  We will ONLY teach the use of the ASA-E6BCOLOR Flight Computer in this class.

Item #4 - Jeppesen PJ-1 Rotating Azimuth Plotter, Part number 10009524, List price $14.00.  Note: The PJ-1 Plotter is the only plotter that is authorized for use in this class as it is the simplest and easiest plotter to efficiently teach large groups to use.  Students who already own a navigation plotter may use it as long as they do not require instruction on its use.  We will ONLY teach the use of the PJ-1 plotter in this class.

Item #5 - FAA/NACO Montreal Sectional Chart, Part number SMON, in its current edition and in printed form.  Digital charts and non-FAA charts are not acceptable for use in this class.  Please order in advance or plan accordingly.  List price is $9.00.

     Where to Buy

Items 1, 2, and 4 above (Jeppesen items) are available from the Jeppesen Aviation Store at  Item #3 (ASA Flight Computer) is available at Item #5, Montreal Sectional Chart may be available at your local airport Fixed Base Operator (FBO) or through online pilot stores.  You will not need this chart in order to start this class.  We will not need it for several weeks.  Please make sure to order that specific edition.

For your convenience, the total list cost for all of these items with printed textbook is $163.38.  Purchase and/or return arrangements for books and materials provided by outside suppliers is between the student and the supplier.

Tuition, books, and materials return policy

Should a student decide to drop out of the course, tuition is refundable until 6:30 PM on the day of the second class in the semester, subject to a cancellation fee of $19.95.   Books and materials supplied by WINGsReality EDU are in digital format and are not refundable for any reason.

Student Testimonials

The WingsRealityEDU course was unlike any other course I've taken. It's filled with hands-on activities that force you to think and apply your knowledge. Mr. Lessard is a fantastic teacher who truly wants the best for his students. He'll go out of his way to make sure you're understanding everything and he does an amazing job simplifying the complex studies of flight. Not only was Michael amazing, but the staff there were friendly and made the online portion of the class a breeze. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in aviation whether you want to become a pilot or not. This course made learning fun and that's not something you get with other courses. Many thanks to the staff at Wings for helping me pursue the next step in my aviation career, I'll make sure to stay in touch.

Nolan Soucie

I took the previous Private Pilot Ground School class. I am very happy to say that I passed the FAA Unmanned Aircraft – General (UAG) test in Augusta yesterday to qualify for a Remote Pilot Certificate (license). Anyone taking this class for the purpose of flying UAVs (I prefer RPAs – Remote Piloted Aircraft!) commercially will find it very helpful in giving you the vast knowledge you need to pass the UAG test. Study – you will need it!


This class was very descriptive, alot of information was taught, great teacher and support staff.

Jacob Sol

This is a great class. It is fast paced, with lots of new information provided every week. Michael Lessard does a great job presenting the information, along with personal examples to give the information context in real life situations.

Kevin Sinclair