Private Pilot Ground School

With great appreciation and to the memory of Christopher Lehmann

The class was fantastic and Michael is a GREAT instructor. And that’s coming from someone who teaches as well, he’s mastered making the class interactive, fun, approachable, challenging but not intimidating.

Christopher L

I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot! It was nice to be able to learn with other people while still being able to pace yourself.

Kortnee-Ann H

Your class is a very good briefing. Over all, it’s an excellent course that you offer and your a great teacher. I still have a long ways to go before I’m ready for the written. I might just come to more classes. Thank you for letting me into this class and this will be a great feeling when all said and done.

Gary C

I’m glad I chose this ground school. I was real happy with everything.

Joel B

I have taken part in Mike Lessard’s Ground School class in the spring term of 2014. This website has been used through the duration of this class and has made communication super easy and has allowed me to have access to any and all resources that I could ever possibly need to complete the class requirements, as well as additional information that may be found interesting by any flying enthusiast. The online quizzes helped solidify the information that I have learned in class as well.

Tyler H