Unmanned Aircraft Systems Series

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Series Description:
The Unmanned Aerial Systems Series is the most exciting learning opportunity since the dawn of manned flight! The courses in this series will deliver excellence in training for all unmanned aerial systems and drone operators from the entry level, recreational/model flyer to the most demanding operators who fly unmanned aerial systems in their businesses, law enforcement, fire and rescue, farming, construction, infrastructure, and more. Our students tap into the power of the WINGsReality EDU Learning Management Systems (LMS), delivering the very best training available anywhere, and designed to prepare you for all of your aviation endeavors in a fun and efficient way.

Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ground School

This curriculum has been added to our Private Pilot Ground School course.

Recreational/Model Drone Flying

The WINGsReality EDU Recreational and Model Drone Flying course at FlyDroneSafe.com is your best resource to learn everything that you need to know to fly drones safely and efficiently as a recreational flyer. This course will unlock all of the myths and misconceptions about the rules, practices, and federal aviation regulations that affect your flying, and offers numerous tips that will help you to keep your equipment in one piece…

Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification


This course takes the Recreational/Model Drone Flying course to a significantly elevated level. Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification is the certification level course for operators who want to demonstrate the highest level of success in the learning outcome and achieve a standardized knowledge level in the safe operation of drones. In this course, you will prepare for a final exam by taking a series of practice exams in study mode…

Recreational/Model Drone Course Bundle

The Recreational/Model Drone Certification Course Bundle combines the Recreational/Model Drone Flying and Recreational/Model Drone Operator Certification courses into one convenient bundle and saves you money! If you plan to become a certified operator, this bundle will save you a bundle!