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[title type=”h3″]How the Grinch Stole Winter Flying 2016[/title]

At WINGsReality EDU, you can attend WINGs seminars on our campus in Orono Maine or live online. Please watch this page for upcoming and historical FAA WINGs seminars. All seminars are free to attend on campus. Online attendees may enjoy the convenience of attending via internet for $6.95, and earn WINGs credits.

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“How the Grinch Stole Winter Flying” is an FAA WINGs Seminar.
Learn from lifelong winter flying experts Michael Lessard and John Wood. Does the thought of snow, ice, freezing precipitation, contaminated slippery runways, obscured airport signage and markings, short days, cold engines and airframes, fewer emergency landing spots, cold weather survival considerations, snow plows on runways, etc., put a knot in your stomach? If so, the Grinch has stolen your winter flying! We will discuss the steps that every pilot should take to enjoy flying during the crisp, clear days of winter.