Monthly Seminar/Webinar Series

Aircraft Performance

Thinking Beyond the Numbers

FAA Select Number: EA6582565

Date: 24 April 2018, 19:00 – 21:00 (EDT)

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Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI


Despite what the Pilot’s Operating Handbook might say, the performance that we get out of our aircraft isn’t always a textbook outcome.  Join the group as we explore the real numbers that we are more likely to find when we fly, how we can determine those ahead of time, and to learn about some of the “Got yas!” that sneak up on the unwary pilot.  Our discussion will include performance, performance charts and data, and weight and balance considerations, as well as some great tricks and techniques to keep you on “your” numbers.


Two WINGs Credit for Basic Knowledge Topics.

Pre-registration is required, please see details below.

Presented to:
FAA WINGs participants throughout the world via internet
FAA WINGs participants attending live on the WINGsReality EDU campus in Orono Maine. Limited classroom space avilable.

Course Format:
Online presentations and exam with 48 hours to complete.

Online attendees $6.95 for 2 day unlimited access after the webinar.

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How do I get my WINGs Credits for this seminar?

This is simple. Just follow the instructions provided by your instructor Michael Lessard CFII, MEI as seen in this video.

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