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Airspace Made Easy

FAA Select Number: EA6581908

Date: 27 March 2018, 19:00 – 21:00 (EDT)

Live event full! All registration now is for recorded version available from 28 March at 12:00 PM through 29 March at 11:55 pm (EDT). Please see detail see in red below for important details.


Thank you for your interest in your “Airspace Made Easy” webinar.  We have reached our registration limit for “live” online participation.  You can still attend the webinar, however it will be in a video format on our site, available the morning after the live event.  All resources, WINGs credit, and the optional quiz will be available as if you were in attendance at the live event.  As with the live event, these will be available for only 48 hours after the live event.  If you choose to enroll, you must complete all elements of the webinar within that time frame.  Thanks you for choosing WINGsReality EDU for your continued learning.

Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI


Many pilots find airspace to be somewhat complicated.  Some tend to stay in their comfort zones, and don’t often venture off to new and fun places.  Others might avoid flying into towered airports, or into busy terminal areas.  Beyond private pilot ground school or reading the regs, there are not a lot of good opportunities to really brush up on airspace knowledge.  In this webinar we will explore the two important topics in airspace.  Airspace boundaries and airspace rules.  Truth is, it’s really not complicated at all.  With a few quick tricks, anyone can master airspace and feel confident to fly anywhere.

2 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topics. To receive WINGs credits for this seminar, you must enroll using the same email address that you have on file at

Pre-registration is required, please see details below.

Presented to:
FAA WINGs participants attending the recorded version of this webinar.

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How do I get my WINGs Credits for this seminar?

This is simple. Just follow the instructions provided by your instructor Michael Lessard CFII, MEI as seen in this video.

Live event full!  All registration now is for recorded version available from 28 March at 12:00 PM through 29 March at 11:55 pm (EDT).  Please see detail in red at top of this page for important information.

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