Monthly Seminar/Webinar Series

Ups and… Ups of Takeoff and Departure

FAA Select Number: EA6581093

Date: 20 February 2018, 19:00 – 21:00 (EST)


Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

We all know that approaches and landings are critical, so we practice them often. But what about takeoff and departure? Data suggests this is the other critical phase of flight, yet most of us give takeoffs and departures less thought than our landings. Join us to learn why mishaps on takeoff are more dangerous than mishaps on landings, and to explore some awesome ideas and techniques to identify potential hazards and make this phase of flight the safest it can be. This is a comprehensive webinar that explores all aspects from preflight to arrival at your en route altitude. We will also present a great presentation on "The Impossible Turn". You are sure to walk away from this important learning opportunity with a fresh perspective on your flying!

2 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topics. To receive WINGs credits for this seminar, you must enroll using the same email address that you have on file at

Presented to:
FAA WINGs participants throughout the world via internet
FAA WINGs participants attending live on the WINGsReality EDU campus in Orono Maine. Limited classroom space avilable.

Course Format:
Online presentations and exams with 2 days to complete.

Online attendees $6.95 for 2 day unlimited access.

WINGsReality EDU campus 20 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine 04473

How do I get my WINGs Credits for this seminar?

This is simple. Just follow the instructions provided by your instructor Michael Lessard CFII, MEI as seen in this video.

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