Instrument Pilot Ground School 365


Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

Course Description:

Your decision to expand your aeronautical knowledge to the world of instrument flying is one that will pay dividends in many ways.  Whether or not you participate in instrument flight training or not, this course will deliver a perspective on flying that you never would have imagined.  Instrument training teaches many concepts that are not even introduced in training as a VFR pilot.  You will understand your airplane at a whole new level, increase your confidence in the cockpit, and will approach every flight going forward from a new and different perspective.  This course will prepare you to operate safely and confidently as an instrument pilot in the National Airspace System.  You will gain comprehensive knowledge of IFR operations in the NAS, takeoff and departure procedures, en route operations, arrival procedures, instrument approaches, instrument navigation, system improvement plans, and more.

Course Format:

Live classroom environment with both on-campus and distance learning students working together in a challenging and supportive learning community. All students work very closely in our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to complete homework assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, and group projects. Your virtual campus includes an extensive resource library, numerous videos, flight training and instrument pilot resources, opportunities to network with other students and alumni, and more.

Cost for Tuition and Materials:
Tuition $139.95
eBook and full course resources $129.95
Course Total $269.90 for 17 weeks of unlimited access.

Course Contents and Resources:

  • Instrument Pilot Ground School Syllabus
  • WINGsReality EDU Instrument Flying Handbook (eBook),
  • Instrument Rating - Airplane Airman Certification Standards (ACS) (eBook).
  • Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide En Route Charts
  • FARs
  • AIM
  • NTSB Regulations
  • TSA Regulations
  • Digital Chart Supplements (d-CS)
  • Digital IFR enroute charts and Terminal Instrument Procedures
  • WINGsReality EDU Instrument Pilot Learning Management System
  • WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library
  • Hangar Hangout (Student Social Network)
  • Gradebooks, transcripts, course completion status reports, student dashboard with course overview by timeline and course views, interactive community calendar of events, etc.

Instrument Pilot Ground School Textbook & Instrument Pilot Ground School  Kit:
This collection of digital books, materials, and products is for use by students in the WINGsReality EDU Instrument Pilot Ground School course. This digital kit contains the following publications: Federal Aviation Regulations, NTSB regulations, TSA regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual, Pilot/Controller Glossary, and the Digital Chart Supplement. Because these materials are updated frequently, WINGsReality EDU provides them in continuously updated versions. As a WINGsReality EDU student, your materials will always be current.

WINGsReality EDU Instrument Pilot Ground School Learning Management System:

The WINGsReality EDU Learning Management System is a powerful tool for students to use as they complete their coursework. It is your go to place for all course resources from classroom presentations, assignments, weekly quizzes, mid-term exams, book kits, videos, student grade books, and more.

WINGsReality EDU’s Col. Edward B. Sleeper Memorial Library is a dynamic resource for students, offering reference materials, numerous videos, ground and flight training resources, downloads, cockpit tools, digital products, aviation safety resources, aviation links, and more.

Your library is organized by categories for easy research in aviation topics such as Discovering Aviation, Airman Testing, Airport Operations, Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), Human Factors, Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), National Airspace System, Weather, Spatial Disorientation, Situational Awareness, Risk Management, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Aircrew Survival, Upset Prevention and Recovery, Owner Maintenance, and more.

Instrument Pilot Ground School section of the Library:
This section of the library is full of resources, links and downloads like ACS, AC's, forms, logs, checklists, and more directly pertaining to your course. Many of these resources are available only to students who are enrolled in the Instrument Pilot Ground School course.

Hangar Hangout (Student Social Network):
The Hangar Hangout was created for all to enjoy with user accounts. Hangar Hangout is the main place for general aviation discussions between users and instructors. Share ideas, ask questions, and meet others in a community.

Gradebook and reports:
Keep track of your successes! All WINGsReality EDU students have access to their grade books and progress reports at all times. Your grades help you to keep track of your progress, scores, and attendance records.

Certificate of Achievement:
The WINGsReality EDU Instrument Pilot Ground School Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have completed all tasks, assignments, and exams in a timely manner, and have achieved passing grades.  We will warn you that the WINGsReality EDU Instrument Pilot Ground School course is a very challenging course.

This academic program is representative of the magnitude of responsibility it takes to perform as an IFR pilot. This program is a breakthrough in aviation training and produces the most knowledgeable, competent, and safe pilots of any training program available.  Earning this Certificate of Completion is a significant accomplishment and an award that you can be very proud of.

Student Testimonials


    Thanks for putting together the IFR and Multi ground school. Well done sir.

LifeFlight of Maine
Joshua Dickson, FP-C Aviation Systems Coordinator LifeFlight of Maine