Monthly Seminar/Webinar Series

121.5 and 406 MHz ELTs

How Will You be Found?

FAA Select Number: EA6580249

Date Recorded: 17 January 2018, 19:00 – 21:00 (EST)



Michael Lessard, CFII/MEI

Has your ELT gotten lost in the world of technology? The vast majority of ELT’s in operation today are based on 1950s technology. On 1 February 2009, satellite monitoring of 121.5 and 243 MHz ELT signals was terminated. What does that mean for you? Come in to learn about the 406 MHz emergency locator transmitter system and what it can do for you in the event of an emergency. We will talk about the capabilities and limitations of both the old and new systems, and what you can expect for performance. What are the rules? Can I still fly with my old 121.5 MHz ELT? Is this going to be expensive? We will answer these questions and more as we explore how you will be found (or not)!

Presented to:
FAA WINGs participants throughout the world via internet
FAA WINGs participants attending live on the WINGsReality EDU campus in Orono Maine. Limited classroom space available.

Course Format:
Online presentations and exams with 2 days to complete.

Online attendees $6.95

WINGsReality EDU campus 20 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine 04473

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